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Jenny Flattened Her Abs with Sono Bello

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Some of us are born with genetic traits that, no matter what we do, are simply unchangeable. For Jenny, it was the shape of her belly. “It runs in the family,” Jenny told us. “I’ve weighed 110 pounds and I’ve weighed 190 pounds and no matter what, I still had the belly.”  

Jenny lives aactive lifestyle, partly as a result of being married to a physical trainer, and she tries to stick to a healthy diet. She also just graduated from nursing school, so she’s highly knowledgeable about the human body and health issues. Weight loss wasn’t the issue for her. What Jenny wanted was to improve the shape of her body. “I’ve tried every system from diet pills to meal shakes. These solutions would shrink my belly, but they wouldn’t change its shape or proportions. I was never fully satisfied. I just could never get my abs flat.”  

Jenny says that she felt beautiful aside from her stomach, and she just wanted that one area to match the rest of her bodyThis made Jenny the perfect candidate for Sono Bello laser liposuction surgery, which she had been considering getting for years. “It’s a big decision. And it’s very personal. But, when you know it’s time, it’s time.”  

Since she had done so much research before the surgery, she was thoroughly prepared when she ultimately decided to have her operation at our Hanover, MD, location. She had her upper and lower abs done as well as her waist and bra roll (the areas below the bra).  

Jenny’s decision to finally have liposuction came down to three factors. First, she was comforted by the fact that it is a minimally invasive procedure. Second, she liked that the recovery from liposuction is relatively quick, so she could get back to exercising within a couple of weeksAnd finally, she liked that the anesthetic used during the operation is mild, so she would be awake during the surgery. When asked about her experience in the operating room, Jenny replied, “had so much fun during the surgery! I had zero pain. The nurse and the surgeon were phenomenal.”  

Today, Jenny is a couple of weeks post-op and is “feeling incredible.” Everyone in her family has been unwaveringly supportive of her throughout the process since they knew that her belly was an area of insecurity for her.  

Jenny says that she is looking forward to going to the gym and working out with more energy and confidence. She loves doing Zumba and can’t wait to get back on the dance floor. And with summer having just begun, Jenny is excited to hit the beach with her new flat abs! 

Jenny’s Sono Bello experience was positive throughout, and it was especially rewarding because she had waited so long to go through with it. Now that she’s finally on the other side, she says that she couldn’t be happier. “It’s a great gift to give yourselfJust remember to take a couple of days off of work to recover.”  

If any part of Jenny’s story resonated with you, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. When it comes to your health and happiness you deserve the best.  

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