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How much does a mommy makeover cost?

Christopher Chung, M.D.
American Board of Plastic Surgery
Chief Medical Officer
Sono Bello

Interested in learning more about the cost of a Mommy Makeover procedure from Sono Bello?

For many new moms (or anyone who has been pregnant in the past), the desire to get back to that pre-baby body can be strong. But given the costs many families deal with from simply delivering a baby, the extra cost to remove excess fat and skin may feel intimidating.

Fortunately, the cost of a Mommy Makeover from Sono Bello is often less than one might think.

So, what goes into the total cost of a Mommy Makeover? The honest answer is that it’s different for each person. Each patient’s specific body goals, their overall health, and the techniques and technologies used by the surgeon performing the treatment all play a role in the final cost for the procedure.

Here’s a close look at what factors go into the cost of a Mommy Makeover, and what any patient can do to get the body they want at a price that works for them.

How do the body parts being treated impact the cost of a Mommy Makeover?

No two Mommy Makeover procedures are quite the same—and the same is true for patients. Because each person’s body (and problem areas) are different, the cost for the Mommy Makeover procedure can be a little different depending on an individual’s specific needs.

For instance: the specific area(s) of the body that will be treated with liposuction as part of the Mommy Makeover can have a direct impact on the total cost of the procedure. For larger areas of the body, or areas of the body that may be more complex to treat, the total time and energy needed to remove fat can add to the cost of the overall procedure.

Fortunately, this also has its benefits: when patients have multiple body areas treated in one visit, the overall efficiency of the procedure increases greatly. That can help to reduce the cost per body area, giving patients more thorough results at a more affordable price point.

Does my body shape & BMI impact the cost of a Mommy Makeover?

Each person’s health and level of fitness are different. Even highly active, very fit people may still struggle with stubborn pockets of fat that just can’t be eliminated with diet and exercise alone. That’s where a Mommy Makeover can make a big impact.

Similarly, the location, quantity, and distribution of excess fat across regions of the body can vary greatly from person to person. Some individuals may have only a small pocket of stubborn fat, while others may have much more, requiring more extensive treatment across more areas.

The patient’s body mass index (BMI), which is a measure of body fat based on height and weight, can also affect the surgical approach and level of complexity. Patients who require a larger volume of fat removed may require more time with the surgeon during the procedure, which can in turn influence the cost of the overall procedure.

Do longer and more complex Mommy Makeover procedures cost more?

The time required for a Mommy Makeover can also vary depending on the extent of the treatment plan and the desired outcome.

Some Mommy Makeover patients – regardless of body type – may aim for a more conservative approach with minimal fat removal, while others may seek a more aggressive approach to achieve substantial fat reduction. The extent of fat removal desired and required to reach these goals contributes to the cost of the procedure.

Does the skill of the surgeon impact the cost of the Mommy Makeover?

The skill of the surgeon performing the Mommy Makeover procedure, as well as the technology and techniques employed during the surgery, all play a role in the overall cost of the Mommy Makeover procedure.

Sono Bello utilizes state-of-the-art technology and advanced surgical techniques to deliver superior results. The type of technology and techniques used can impact the cost of the procedure, and each patient’s recovery after their Mommy Makeover is complete.

The cost can also vary depending on who is performing the surgery. All Sono Bello surgeons are highly trained, board-certified, and experienced with a track record of successful outcomes, helping to ensure the most efficient and effective treatment for all Sono Bello Mommy Makeover patients.

Overall, a patient’s Mommy Makeover plan is personalized to match their body and their needs—meaning the price they pay often reflects the level of personalization they may require.

In other words, the price of a Mommy Makeover procedure is determined on a patient-to-patient and provider-to-provider basis. It is always essential to consider this factor when weighing the pricing of liposuction and other cosmetic procedures.

The Sono Bello Mommy Makeover procedure is designed to be affordable.

At Sono Bello, the Mommy Makeover treatment is a carefully crafted package of cosmetic procedures, specifically designed to address the aesthetic concerns of the abdominal region post-pregnancy.

This transformative procedure combines a variety of surgical techniques to contour the abdominal area, remove excess fat and sagging skin, and achieve a notably flattened and toned appearance, effectively eliminating the residual “baby bump”.

The Mommy Makeover offers a convenient and efficient solution for individuals seeking a complete abdominal rejuvenation, all in a single visit. With its tailored approach and proven results, the Mommy Makeover stands as a trusted and sought-after option for mothers seeking to regain their pre-pregnancy figures and achieve higher self-confidence.

How does the Mommy Makeover work?

Sono Bello surgeons begin the Mommy Makeover procedure by precisely eliminating excess fat from the abdominal area, utilizing cutting-edge techniques tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

The removal of stubborn belly fat is a key step in the process of flattening and sculpting the abdominal region. Once the fat is eliminated, it creates a strong foundation for completing the desired aesthetic outcome.

Next, the surgeon carefully addresses a common concern among new mothers: excess sagging skin around the mid-section. Loose skin is often a result of childbirth and dramatic fat loss compounds this inelasticity. This process helps to restore the tightness of abdominal skin at this stage of the procedure.

Mommy Makeovers almost always entail the removal of some sagging skin as well as the smoothing and tightening of the remaining skin to achieve a seamlessly contoured, toned, and natural appearance.

Sono Bello’s innovative approach encompasses the utilization of micro-laser fat removal and Sono Bello’s proprietary AbEX™ skin tightening technique, strategically combined to optimize results and help mothers achieve their post-pregnancy body goals.

Want to get back to a pre-baby body? A Mommy Makeover may help!

Sono Bello’s commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes and utilizing the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery makes the Mommy Makeover procedure a comprehensive solution that empowers mothers to attain their desired results.

The final cost of a Mommy Makeover is highly individualized based on the unique needs and goals of each patient. To obtain an accurate estimate, it’s best for interested patients to schedule a free consultation with Sono Bello’s Patient Care Consultants, who can help each patient determine the best plan for their Mommy Makeover.

During the consultation, the price of the operation will be discussed candidly and empathetically, the goal being to find a payment structure that fits each person’s budget. The patient’s specific needs and goals will be thoroughly evaluated, and a personalized treatment plan and pricing will be worked out, providing the patient with a comprehensive understanding of the cost of their Mommy Makeover procedure.