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What is Laser Liposuction?

Christopher Chung, M.D.
American Board of Plastic Surgery
Chief Medical Officer
Sono Bello

Laser liposuction is an evolved amalgam of modalities to enhance fat extraction and skin tightening. It combines liposuction through classical or power-assisted techniques with variable laser technology to assist in the liberation of fat and the delivery of thermal effects to the dermis to enhance collagen stimulation and tightening.

There are variable degrees of enthusiasm in the literature regarding safety, technique, and efficacy. The dominant conclusions are that an enhanced role has been recognized but it is dependent on experience and anatomic factors. The skin location and quality of the dermis regarding elasticity and collagen content are the dominant anatomic considerations.

In inexperienced hands, like with all laser applications, there is a substantial safety concern. Amongst experienced practitioners there remains a narrow therapeutic window. The amount of energy required for benefit is close to the amount of effect that results in undesirable thermal consequences.

In answering “what is laser liposuction?”, it’s important to understand the safest and most effective outcomes are to be found in the practices where experience and outcomes are established.

Dr. Anire Okpaku:

The advantages of a smart laser-lipo is that it’s very short downtime, patients go home that day, they’re up and walking that night, and by the next day, they’re walking 10-15 minutes every hour. Yes, you’re gonna be a little bit sore and the soreness persists for several days, but you’re back to work in most cases within three to five days, or even sooner in some cases.